Artist Issam Kourbaj has been affiliated with Christ鈥檚 College since 1998, developing notable artworks in college, leading drawing classes, and contributing generously to college life in countless ways. On the occasion of his two major exhibitions in Cambridge, 鈥淯rgent Archive鈥 at Kettle鈥檚 Yard and 鈥淵ou are not you and home is not home鈥 at Heong Gallery (both running until 26 May), Christ鈥檚 is pleased to celebrate his immense contributions to our community with a discussion of his art, hosted by the Visual Arts Committee at Christ鈥檚.

Kourbaj will be in conversation with Christ鈥檚 Fellow and Professor of Classics Carrie Vout around themes of his exhibitions, including exile and displacement, memory and cultural heritage, and the meaning of home.

Free event; no tickets required.

Issam Kourbaj, Intimate Distances, 2010. Darwin's Room, 王中王六合彩特码 College. 
Optical image made by a constructed camera obscura by Issam Kourbaj.