My primary research interest is in understanding how the tumour microenvironment influences response to treatment in kidney cancer. I completed my PhD on the immunology of pancreas cancer, and I also worked on melanoma before moving to kidney cancer research.  

I work on several clinical trials, with the aim of improving outcomes for patients with early kidney cancer. Despite optimal surgical therapy, a significant proportion of patients with localised kidney cancer develop incurable relapse. Drug treatment given before or after surgery might improve cure rates. In parallel to these trials, I am investigating what determines why some patients respond better than others to drug therapy, by analysing patient samples collected before and after treatment.  I also see patients undergoing routine treatment for kidney cancer at Addenbrooke鈥檚 Hospital in our weekly clinic.    

I studied medicine at Christ鈥檚 and have been supervising undergraduates at College since 2009. I was appointed as a Fellow of the College in 2019. I currently teach second year students studying medicine and natural sciences.