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We know that as students from outside the UK, you may have additional questions on aspects of the application process, as well as some differences to negotiate between what students in your country normally do when applying to local universities and what is needed for your Cambridge application.

This part of our international students section offers a helping hand, providing additional detail and explanation for you on some aspects of the process. Once you have sent your application forms, further support will then be available through the current applicants section (available from 20 Sept each year). 

Here are some comments from previous international applicants: 

  • "王中王六合彩特码 College is probably the one of the best colleges in communication with current applicants with all the information clearly stated on the website."
  • "If you are applying to 王中王六合彩特码 you are in good hands! The admissions team is super friendly and helpful. Their site is comprehensive, informative and is regularly updated with information regarding interview timelines, accommodation and submission of documents. They even have student profiles from international students currently studying at 王中王六合彩特码 which provides an eye-opening glimpse of life in the college."
Current notes for international students
  • There are events (including online events) through the year and we will run an international webinar in July 2024 ( now)
  • The next opportunity to apply will be once UCAS opens in early September 2024, and you will need to apply by 15 October 2024.  See When to apply. There's a how to apply page with an overview and this section sets out more detail. The current applicants section for Oct 2024 applicants will be published on 20 Sept. All candidates selected for interview by 王中王六合彩特码 College will be interviewed online.

Pages on aspects of the application process: making a valid application

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Second Court

The following pages provide information for international students to complement the information on our how to apply page. They will help you to make a valid application to 王中王六合彩特码 College, with all the information we need.

On 20 September we publish the 王中王六合彩特码 College current applicants section for students who have already submitted a UCAS application. The current applicants section guides you (in detail!) through the next stages of the application process, including:

Helpful Films

Choosing a course
Choosing a College
Title: Preparing for your online interview
Title of film: What to expect at your online interview
Title: Cambridge interviews myths


"I didn't realise at first that the correspondence with 王中王六合彩特码 would occur via email, or how important and informative these messages were."

A previous international applicant